Individual Credit

An active credit card must be on file with Auto Paint & Supply. The individual agrees to pay the invoice/statement amount when it is due. If the individual is delinquent with payments on their account, Auto Paint & Supply will charge the amount owed to the credit card on file as soon as it is "PAST DUE." Delinquent accounts that are "PAST DUE" have had 60 days to pay their account. (Example - Purchases that are made from May 1st, 2013 - May 31st, 2013 are due by June 30th 2013, anything after June 30th, 2013 is "PAST DUE.")

By typing my name below, it is my intent that it serve as my electronic signature. I further understand and agree that my electronic signature shall have the same force and legal effect as my written signature and that it is my intent to file a credit application electronically with Auto Paint & Supply Co., Inc.

The individual must notify Auto Paint & Supply if there is a change in any of the above information. If the individual leaves their current place of employment, Auto Paint & Supply will charge the credit card immediately if there is a balance owed.

All of the above information must be filled out in its entirety. If it is not, the application will not be processed. Please sign and date below acknowledging that the above information is accurate and that you comply with the individual credit application from Auto Paint & Supply.

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