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Industrial coatings are an important component to equipment integrity and longevity. While not applied strictly for their aesthetic attributes, they also lend clean looks and modernity to steel structures, pipes and platforms. Color coding also provides unmistakable visible references for important industrial structures, differentiating such things as intake and outflow pipes and valves, various chemical containers and pipes, or warnings of high heat or extreme cold.

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Industrial coatings have some overlap with automotive performance paints and fleet vehicle refinishing paints, but protective coatings are typically formulated specifically for industrial purposes. Industrial coatings are commonly composed from polyurethane, fluoropolymer or expoxy.

Paint Brands for Industrial Coatings

Axalta and PPG both manufacture several lines or paint either specifically formulated for industrial applications or with appropriate cross-over applications. Products are available in store, over the phone, or you can buy industrial paint online. We ship fast, anywhere in the US!

Axalta Industrial Coatings

  • Spies Hecker® PercoTop®
  • Voltatex®
  • Nap-Gard®
  • Abcite®
  • AquaEC™ & Stoll-Aqua™
  • Chemolit™
  • Alesta® & Alesta® AR
  • Lutophen®
  • Coathylene®
  • Gotalene® & Gotalene®RS
  • Explotracer®

PPG Commercial Refinish

  • Amercoat®
  • Other Commercial Performance Coatings
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Each paint or coating line has unique properties for specific applications. If you’re unsure which brand is the one you need, the industrial refinishing experts at Auto Paint & Supply can help you choose the right coating for the job.

Commercial Supply for Maintenance and Painting Contractors

Auto Paint & Supply is more than just car paint and body shop equipment. Whether you manage your own coating maintenance or provide commercial painting services, we have the tools and materials you need to do the job right. Not sure what you need? We have the experience and expertise to help you find the equipment and coatings which are right for the job.

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