Plastic Repair Adhesives from Duramix

Make Automotive Surface Repair a Breeze with 3M ProductsDuramix repair adhesives for auto surfaces

Under the well-known 3M manufacturing company, Duramix adhesives repair automotive plastics. The product works well with both flexible and semi-rigid surfaces, guaranteeing a quick and efficient repair process. Duramix is the perfect product for professional quality adhesive with reasonable pricing through Auto Paint & Supply.

Duramix is manufactured with a diverse range of hardness or flexibility, allowing auto refinishers to find the ideal adhesive product. Using innovative urethane technology, these auto detail products set quickly to minimize the duration of repair. With Duramix, auto refinishing professionals are able to sand and finish any vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Get Repair Adhesives

As Wisconsin’s go-to auto detailing product supply resource, we are proud to carry 3M’s innovative Duramix plastic repair adhesives. We offer the most innovative and high quality products in the automotive repair industry to ensure you are always highly satisfied.

Duramix Plastic Adhesives in Waukesha Duramix Plastic Adhesives in Racine Duramix Plastic Adhesives in Middleton Duramix Plastic Adhesives in Walworth

Duramix Products Prove their Worth

Finishing repairs is much easier with Duramix product adhesives, no matter the surface finish. Auto Paint & Supply is your top resource for all auto detailing and finishing equipment.3M automotive abrasives

Duramix offers all varieties of repair products, including:

  • Flexible Plastic Repair
  • Sand Plastic Finishing Paste
  • Fiberglass Panel Adhesive
  • Metal Bonding Adhesive
  • Flexible Foams
  • Super Fast Repair Adhesive
  • Universal Adhesive

Since 1943, Auto Paint & Supply has been bringing the best auto refinishing brands to customers. Our auto paint store also offers body shop equipment, buffing products, and auto body fillers to all of central southeastern Wisconsin. Let us be your one-stop auto body repair shop.

Aside from Duramix brand, we also offer 3M, Lord, and SEM auto plastic repair products. 

Contact Auto Paint & Supply for reliable plastic repair adhesives from Duramix.
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