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Hot rods with hot colors are a staple in the automobile industry. Car lovers and enthusiasts indulge in collecting, racing, and restoring vintage cars with unique paint styles. The brighter the color and the more intricate the design, the better. It’s not a culture everyone understands, but at Auto Paint & Supply, it’s welcomed and encouraged.


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Our auto paint store in Racine features Hot Hues™, a brand sprouted from Axalta that digs down deep into customized car’s cultural roots. Hot Hues™ paints are available in two separate groups, depending on the color tone and desired effect: 

-Hot Hues™ Solid colors

  • Red Hot Meltdown
  • Bombay Blue
  • Green Xtreme
  • Perplexed Pink
  • Orange-A-Peal
  • Pacific Gold
  • Many more

-Hot Hues™ Hot Efx™ Colors

  • Lemon Yellow
  • Midnight Blue
  • Winters Green
  • Desperado Gold
  • Purely Purple
  • Many more

Hot Hues™ auto paint is great for all vehicle makers and models, including:

-Chevy Camaro

-Ford Mustang

-Harley Davidson

-Chevrolet Cruz

Hot Hues™ is more than just a brand, it is a following that brings hobbyists of all kinds together for one purpose – expressing themselves creatively through auto paint.

Automobile Basecoats Provide a Sweet Foundationhot rod with custom detailing

Customizing your car starts with a reliable foundation before any other progress can be made. The basecoat is a great tool for spot fixes, panel work, and laying the groundwork for custom projects.

Hot Hues™ offers two types of basecoats that give a pearly or metallic look:

  • Basecoat
  • CFX Basecoat Candy Colors

Auto Paint & Supply features Hot Hues™ basecoats that go on easy and provide a professional look for any make and model.

Candy Color Auto Paints Give Your Hot Rod a Sugary Satisfaction

Repainting your car a different color is one thing, but painting with Hot Hues™ Candy Colors brings it to a whole new level. The wide variety of bright colors and smooth application makes for the perfect car paint when you want to stand out.

Hot Hues™ features two separate auto paint product lines sure to dazzle any car enthusiast:

  • Hot Hues™ Candy Colors

It goes on easy, while providing eye-catching color & shine

  • Hot Efx™ Brilliantz™

Iridescent color that looks great from any angle

These two candy color collections are great for achieving a look-at-me attitude without saying a word. Contact our Hot Hues™ Candy Color supplier at Auto Paint & Supply now!

Racine Car Pinstriping Paint for a Mouth-Watering Appeal

Take your auto paint game up a notch and transform your ride into a piece of art! Pinstriping gives you the freedom to express yourself through paint, with your car, truck, or motorcycle as the canvas.

Hot Hues™ features Hot PinStripe Efx™ paint that works well with any kind of pinstripe art. Whether you want hot neon colors or subtle hues, Auto Paint & Supply offers colors to fit your desired style.

Hot Pinstripe Efx™ auto paint provides effective benefits, including:

  • Easily application & covers well
  • Provides a glossy finish
  • Compatible with clearcoat
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Pinstripe Adhesive Seals in the Flavor

Applying a clear adhesive to pinstriping art preserves the color and protects it from the elements. It’s an essential step that proves its worth down the road.

Auto Paint & Supply features Hot Hues™ Intercoat Adhesion Promoter to protect more than just the detailing art. Additional benefits of Intercoat Adhesion Promoter include:

-Protects basecoat

-Essential for repairs

-Perfectly blends other colors together

-Protects pinstripe art while tapping & masking

Our auto paint experts advise to not use the adhesive as a topcoat. Axalta’s brand of Cromax® Clearcoats provides a sleek finish to the custom pinstriping art and protects its original beauty for years to come.

Auto Paint & Supply features top brands like Axalta, PPG, 3M, and more. We carry a variety of plastic repair adhesives, body shop booth equipment, auto body fillers, and other products for your auto detailing project. Shop at one of our Racine, Waukesha, Middleton, or Walworth locations now.

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