Spies Hecker Finishing Products

South Wisconsin Paint Store Offering Premium Auto FinishingAuto paint company Spies Hecker providing premium primers, additives and removers

A division of Axalta, Spies Hecker is based in Germany. This auto paint brand specializes in a variety of premium clear coats, top coats, primers, additives, and removers. Spies Hecker is one of the largest suppliers of automotive refinishing products in the world.

Spies Hecker produces greater efficiency using their adapted hardener system and blend-in additive. The adapted hardener system allows for standard or flexible mixing to provide the ideal refinishing services. Spies Hecker’s blend-in additive ensures a smooth transition to the original paint, making it an essential tool in the auto refinishing process. Spies Hecker’s top line systems combine rapid processing and rapid drying to produce the greatest efficiency possible.

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Their Hi-TEC system delivers a great finish giving your vehicle a pristine, glossy look. With Hi-TEC, your car is refinished faster as paint application is completed in one fell swoop. Clear coats only take 1.5 – 2 coats for optimal results.


From basecoat application in a single spray pass to top coat auto body paint with an outstanding gloss and flow, Spies Hecker provides top of the line automotive body shop paint designed to meet the demands of a modern body shop. Look for Spies Hecker’s environmentally responsible, water based automotive paint under the name of GREENTEC. For more information, visit the Spies Hecker website here.

Aside from Spies' premium paint, we also supply Axalta, PPG, and BASF auto body refinishing systems

To have Spies Hecker top quality finishing products applied to your car, contact the Walworth automotive finishing experts at Auto Paint & Supply today.
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