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Milwaukee Company Provides Select Brands for Auto Surface Repair

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Auto body fillers are products used to literally fill minor bodywork damage and dents. Once filled in, the vehicle can be painted and finished as usual. Milwaukee’s Auto Paint & Supply offers quality automotive body fillers from the top brands in the auto body refinishing industry.

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3M Auto Body Filler

The stain-free, tack-free, auto body filler from 3M is an industry leading standard you can rely on for superior results. From auto body refinishing products to automotive body fillers, Auto Paint and Supply is your Wisconsin 3M auto product supplier, locations in Middleton, Racine, Walworth, or Waukesha for superior 3M automotive body fillers or online right now!


Auto Paint and Supply Waukesha offers a full line of Evercoat brand automotive body filler products designed to meet your specific Milwaukee auto body refinishing need from lightweight to heavyweight applications. Evercoat offers a broad range of Wisconsin automotive body filler products offering minimal sanding, adhesion to high tech metals, and corrosion warranties.


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Owned by 3M, Marson brand offers an extended line of automotive body filler products. Marson manufactures automotive body filling technology ideal for various surfaces, including metal –galvanized and bare, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, epoxy, urethane, and numerous primers. All of Marson’s high performance, lightweight automotive body fillers offer extreme adhesion, easy sanding, and tack free finishes. Find all of these great Marson automotive body filling supplies here at Auto Paint and Supply.

U.S. Chemical & Plastics

US Chemical and Plastics has over 55 years in the automotive industry. With a commitment to excellence and world class service, USC has earned a reputation as an industry leader in auto body filler production. For more information about which USC automotive body filler is best for your specific auto body refinishing needs, contact your local Auto Paint and Supply store.

How to Use Auto Body Fillers

The many brands of auto body fillers from Auto Paint & Supply have varying recommendations for ideal application. However, the basic process for fillers is:

  • Use an abrasive to prepare the area
  • Add the filler to the dent
  • Use a tool to flatten and remove any excess filler
  • Let the filler cure
  • Sand and smooth the hardened filler
  • Repaint the vehicle body

Always double check the exact directions recommended by the specific brand of filler you are using. Or ask an Auto Paint & Supply expert at one of our four locations for assistance.

Additional Auto Body Products

Auto Paint & Supply has all the tools you need to make your vehicle look like new. Refinishing abrasives include sanding discs and sheets to prepare a spot for filler or a new coat. Buffing and detailing products will help you apply the finishing touches to your restored vehicle.

If you run a body shop in Wisconsin, check out our shop equipment and spray paint equipment.

Finally, we carry a huge selection of auto body paint brands and colors. Major brands include Axalta (formerly DuPont), PPG, Spies Hecker, and BASE Refinish.

Find the perfect auto body filler product by calling Auto Paint & Supply now.
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