Metal Auto Paint – The Look Your Car Deserves

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Auto Paint Turning Your Car into a Showpiece

Metal paint makes your car look ultra-hot with a slick vibrant color schemeFace it, some cars just have a shinier, more eye-catching look than others. You know the ones, those slick racers or vintage 70s muscle cars – if you’re lucky, you know firsthand because one is sitting in your garage. They always manage to catch the light just right, showing off a dynamic design and awesome color palette.

The secret to why these cars look so hot, and are worth every penny their owners put into them, has nothing to do with what’s under the hood. These cars look top of the line because of their metallic paint coating.

Metallic Paint - Time Tested with Proven Visual Appeal

Metallic paint requires three coats to produce that desired shine – the reason it costs a little more to apply when compared to other common auto paints only requiring two coats. The results are well worth the extra cost, though; providing a modern look truly vintage at its heart. Metal paint was first applied on cars as early as the 1920s. This type of paint gave any automobile a glamorous look, setting class standards throughout the Jazz Age.

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First mixed with bronze powders in those days, metallic paint remained popular for decades to come.

In the 1960s a new trend caught the attention of the public and revolutionized metal paint – adding metal flakes gave cars an eye-catching sparkle on top of their already crisp, glossy look. The metal flakes reflected light back to its source, making a car appear even shinier and more visually stunning.

Wisconsin Auto Paint Shop Making Your Car the Best it will Ever Look

If you’re looking for the sleek, sparkling look metallic paint offers, come to Auto Paint & Supply. We carry a variety of metal paint products from top name brands including BASF car paint and Axalta coating systems (formerly DuPont). Make your vehicle look like a hot new model straight from a car show with metallic paint from Auto Paint & Supply, the best store in Southeast Wisconsin.

You will find Auto Paint & Supply in four easy-to-reach locations across Wisconsin at our Middleton auto paint store, Walworth storefront for car paint, Racine automotive paint storefront, and Waukesha auto finishing location.

Contact the Wisconsin metallic paint suppliers at Auto Paint & Supply and make your car look more dazzling than ever today.

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