Wisconsin Winter Auto Paint Protection Challenges

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Stop Paint Damage from Salt and Snow

Winter ends and you take your car through the carwash only to discover the paint has been corroded by salt. Auto Paint & Supply has served auto repair shops and vehicle owners across Wisconsin for over 70 years. We know all the usual problems caused by snow, salt, and winter weather. Even better, we know which products fix those issues and make your car look like new again.

Wisconsin Car in SnowHow to Prevent Winter Damage to Your Car

  • One major risk for Wisconsin and Illinois car owners is for their vehicle to fail in cold weather. Older cars and batteries are more likely to fail. If your car is stuck in one spot all winter, it will be easier for salt to accumulate. Have your car checked out at a shop or do maintenance yourself before winter starts. Pay attention to fluid levels and tire pressure as well as the battery.
  • Avoid parking on the road if possible. Many Wisconsin cities have regulations about street parking in winter. If you are on the road when a snow plow comes through, your vehicle could be damaged by upturned snow and debris. And road salt from the plows can cause corrosion on your car’s metal parts.
  • Parking on the street carries another risk: Other vehicles might lose traction in the snow and slide into your car. Or a snow pile could hide your car, leading to someone crashing into it.
  • Keep your car dry. A garage is best for protecting your vehicle, though a covered car port will at least keep snow from accumulating on top of your car. Melting snow can create a layer of ice which will trap dirt and debris along your car’s paint job.
  • Brush off snow before driving anywhere. It may seem like a hassle, removing snow will make your drive safer. If snow blows off your car, it can become a hazard to those driving around you. And a warm engine can start melting snow which will then freeze into ice if not cleared off. Consider using a car cover when snow is predicted. Use the right tools to avoid scraping your paint.
  • Wash your car when it is warm enough. You’ve probably seen long lines at the carwash whenever the temperature gets above 20 degrees. Regular washes will get rid of salt traces and trapped dirt.

Visit Auto Paint & Supply to learn more ways to protect your paint throughout the winter.

Protect My Car

SUV in Snow with Salt StainsHow to Fix Winter Damage to Your Car

Auto Paint & Supply has all the products and services to get your car back into shape when spring comes around. We are experts at repairing dents, scratches, and corroded paint. Stop by one of our four Wisconsin locations or order the right tools online for a DIY solution. We carry:

  • Car paint
  • Plastic repair kits
  • Refinishing abrasives
  • Buffing and detailing products

Some areas mix gravel in with salt to add more traction to icy roads. Those small gravel pieces can create little dents all over your car. Our auto body fillers will fill in these blemishes.

Is it Better to Paint a Car Before or After Winter?

Car paints require warm temperatures to cure correctly. For this reason, it is best to wait for spring before having your car painted. In winter, clear coating or wax will protect your paint from salt and snow.

Protect your car this winter with Auto Paint & Supply.

Contact Auto Paint & Supply to prepare your car paint for Wisconsin winter.

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