Auto Paint Matching Process Simplified by New Handheld Color Retrieval Technologies

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Auto Paint Matching with Smart phoneThe biggest names in auto paint, DuPont (now Axalta coating systems) and Spies Hecker, are bringing handheld innovation to auto body shops across Wisconsin and the rest of the world.  Automotive paint manufacturers are beginning to harness the power of mobile technology to make it easier for refinishing shops to use their products.  DuPont and Spies Hecker have recently released tools to help body shops match colors quickly and more accurately.  Faster color matching means a speedier refinishing process, increased throughput for larger body shops, and money saved on labor costs.
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Spies Hecker Color Finder System 

Spies Hecker is pleased to introduce their new mobile-friendly online paint matching system.  Whether you’re standing next to the car you’re painting or on the floor of the body shop mixing room, simply access the new Spies Hecker mobile website from your smart phone to quickly and easily identify accurate color formulas.  The mobile color retrieval system allows you to search an online database by manufacturer, year, color code, and color designation to find pixel perfect paint matching formulas.  Color matches are easily confirmed by viewing a digital representation of the auto paint’s color.

DuPont Acquire Plus EFX Spectrophotometer 

DuPont is riding the mobile wave by releasing a handheld device of their own: the DuPont Acquire Plus EFX Spectrophotometer.  The new product is a color detecting camera for use with a variety of different waterborne paint systems, including DuPont Cromax Pro, Standoblue, Standox, and Spies Hecker.   The handheld spectrophotometer is able to find precise color matches for even the most complicated color effects, allowing auto refinishers fast access to the formulas they need. 
To harness the power of new automotive painting technologies like these, check out the Auto Paint and Supply online training calendar.  Auto Paint and Supply is proud to offer spray equipment clinics and classes to refinishing shops across Wisconsin and Illinois.  We’ll help your body shop repair and refinishing technicians master the latest techniques, tools, and technologies to maximize your accuracy, throughput, and profits.
After you’ve learned to acquire precise color formulas using either of these new technologies, call or visit your nearest Auto Paint and Supply –in Waukesha, Racine, Walworth, or Middleton- to obtain the quality automotive paint you need for your refinishing project.

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