DuPont Offering Auto Paint Spray Equipment Clinics

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Auto paint manufacturers are diving deeper into the education business, and your Wisconsin auto body shop can reap the benefits. Recognizing the demand for skilled professional auto painters, DuPont has become increasingly committed to providing training classes to collision centers.  This commitment is part of an industry-wide trend: Sherwin Williams, BASF, and PPG are offering similar courses. Each automotive paint company is fighting to provide the BEST deals on training because the courses are designed around their specific products.

This is great news for Wisconsin body shop owners. Wisconsin auto collision centers who devote attention to employee training are directly investing in the future of their business. Proper training and education is a vital component of auto painting success, but there are other ingredients involved in creating a highly effective, well-trained auto painting professional:

  •  creative problem solving ability
  • performance under time constraints
  • patience and attention to detail
  • access to high quality body shop painting supplies and automotive paint

Sometimes it’s possible to find these qualities in a new employee but, like education and training, they are more often developed by the culture of the business. Knowing which body shop painting supplies and equipment to use under different conditions and understanding optimal dry-and-recoat times will increase your Wisconsin body shop’s throughput while reducing expenditures on labor and supplies.
Even experienced auto painters benefit from attending painting clinics. As automotive paint and equipment becomes increasingly hi-tech, the need for hands-on exposure to the latest automotive paint supplies becomes more crucial. Auto painters are utilizing a wider variety of colors, finishes, and effects than ever before. Some automotive paint supply decisions are being “aided” by the federal government’s continued march toward more stringent VOC emission laws. Being prepared to make the switch from solvent borne to waterborne auto paint could be a huge benefit, should older auto paint and finishing formulas become impractical or illegal.

DuPont training courses are offered at the DuPont Refinish Systems Training Center in Itasca, Illinois, northwest of Chicago, just minutes from I-94. This location is very convenient for Wisconsin body shops because professional auto body painters have flown in from Florida and Utah to receive the valuable training. Auto Paint and Supply hosts training groups of varying class sizes. The next outing will be for the DuPont Cromax Pro Refinisher Certification on July 24th and 25th, 2012. To take advantage of DuPont’s training classes, contact any of Auto Paint & Supply's Locations in Waukesha, Walworth, Racine or Middleton.

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