DuPont's New Fun & Refreshing Hot Hues Auto Body Paint Products

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Trusting your ’57 Chevy or ’34 Ford Coupe with just any automotive paint would be a senseless move for even the most colorful imagination. DuPont Paint's (now Axalta) new Hot Hues auto body paints will transform your cherished auto body restoration project into an eye-candy street rod with an identity all its own! Hot Hues auto body paints, basecoats and other auto body paint products are the preferred choice for both auto body repair experts and auto restoration hobbyists who demand maximum durability and immaculate color.

Hot Hues PinStripe Efx Automotive Paint

Hot Hues PinStripe Efx perfectly complements any custom auto body paint project where deep color and shine are paramount. The Hot PinStripe Efx auto paint is available in an array of colors and effects, including:

  • Solid
  • Metallic
  • Pearlescent
  • Color-shift

Hot Hues auto paint can be easily mixed to create custom colored auto body paint. The excellent coverage, brush-ability and clear coat compatibility makes Hot Hues™ Hot PinStripe Efx ideal for pinstriping, lettering, and airbrush projects. Automotive paint specialists are impressed with the appearance, durability and user-friendliness of Hot Hues auto paint.

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Hot Hues™ Efx Brilliantz Auto Body Paint

Hot Hues™ Efx Brilliantz is a unique auto body paint that uses diffractive pigments to portray clear satin-like rainbow colors, viewable from any angle. The pigments generate a flashy 3D quality appearing to be moving. Hot Hues™ Efx Brilliantz is the only automotive paint producing the moving, three dimensional effect. It's the ideal automotive paint for auto body refinishing enthusiasts seeking extraordinary auto paint quality for their restoration project.

Hot Candy Color Automotive Paint Product

Hot Candy Colors concentrated dye provides auto body refinishing experts the most vivid, visually-stunning colors. When used with any Hot Colors Basecoat, Hot Candy Colors offer exceptional purity, clarity, and brightness, especially on lighter colored auto body restoration projects.

Hot Hues™ Hot Candy Colors is available in eight sight-dazzling colors, which include:

  • Laser blue
  • True blue
  • Hot raspberry
  • Apple red
  • Molten orange
  • Golden honey
  • Lemon mist
  • Irish green

Whether used solely on their own or mixed together, Hot Candy Colors allows auto body paint experts to create unique custom candy colors.

Hot Intercoat Adhesion Promoter

The Hot Hues™ automotive paint product is engineered to protect custom graphics and artwork from tape marks during auto body painting and general refinishing processes. Hot Intercoat Adhesion Promoter makes the perfect auto body paint blender for smooth tapering of pearl and candy automotive paint colors. The real beauty is how it can be sanded or left rough and sprayed for cool multiple-layer graphic applications.

Hot Hues™ Basecoat Auto Paint Colors

Hot Hues™ basecoats deliver maximum-performance, highly-durable auto paint colors bringing a higher standard of finished quality to the most elaborate, custom auto body restoration projects. Hot Hues™ basecoats are “high-hiding” basecoats which means they spread smoothly with trouble-free application and exceptional mottle control.

These dazzling auto body basecoat paints perfectly complement the following:

  • Hot Hues™ Binder HH-6200
  • Hot Hues™ Balancer HH-6300

Axalta, the umbrella company of Hot Hues™, carries many more automotive paint products and are available in various cost-effective packages with limitless mixing color options. Contact Auto Paint & Supply today for Hot Hues™ Candy Colors now!

Hot Hues™ Binder HH-6200 & Hot Hues™ Balancer HH-6300 Auto Paint Products

Hot Hues™ Binder and balancer automotive paint products provide stronger film toughness and durability for a truly stunning auto body basecoat appearance to onlookers scoping your new auto body paint job both on the road and at the show. The binder and balance auto body paint products feature improved reactivity and delivers superior overall automotive paint system performance by enhancing the application and handling of Hot Basecoat auto paint colors.

Axalta’s Hot Hues™ auto body paint products will transform any vehicle into a visually stunning ride you’ll be proud to drive. Auto Paint & Supply is your number one choice for affordable, quality automotive paint and auto refinishing products in Wisconsin. For additional information on Hot Hues automotive paint or another auto body refinishing product, please contact an Auto Paint and Supply near you .

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