DuPont Low VOC LE Clearcoats

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DuPont Refinish Introduces Low VOC LE Clearcoats

Maintaining a safe auto paint and detail shop can be a difficult task. While all auto detailing shops maintain strict safety procedures, including the required use of respirators and painting gear, premium auto paints are full of chemicals and substances harmful to people. There’s always the possibility of auto paint dust escaping a booth and gases sneaking in to areas they aren’t supposed to be. Ensuring the safety of your staff and customers should be of the utmost importance, so using paints designed for safety only makes sense.

DuPont Refinish (now Axalta) has introduced three new additions to their popular VOC-free clearcoat systems. These three new automotive paint clearcoats will join the popular LE 5100S multi-panel clearcoat to create a full line of VOC-free auto painting products.

 DuPont ChromaClear and DuPont PremierClear

DuPont ChromaClear LE 5400S Snap Dry Clearcoat automotive paint allows for very low overspray and very fast dust free attributes. The LE 5400S series auto paint was developed to allow amazingly fast cure times under both air dry and express dry conditions. The LE 5400S series auto paint is great for panel and multi-panel jobs in air dry or low bake conditions. This car paint also provides good gun gloss and excellent assembly time.

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DuPont PremierClear LE 8300S Productive Clearcoat automotive finish was developed for busy, high-volume auto painting shops in need of professional appearances with excellent adherence on panel or multi-panel repairs. This automotive clearcoat is designed to increase production rates by capitalizing on drying and proofing time, achieving increased automotive refinishing job completion rates.

DuPont PremierClear LE 8700S Premium Appearance Clearcoat is for the shop in need of brand new, right-off-the-assembly-line appearance for large area repairs. The LE 8700S series produces a flawless clearcoat appearance capable of meeting the demands of any customer. The LE 8700S series clearcoat auto finish offers perfect application, buffability and shine.

Decreasing your workload while Increasing Customer Satisfaction

These automotive clearcoat products are all designed to be used with DuPont Cromax Pro Waterborne Basecoat. The application of DuPont Cromax Pro Waterborne Basecoat allows for quicker auto repair by eliminating steps and greatly reducing the need for flash time. This accelerated application system means faster job completion, improved customer satisfaction and increase profit.

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