Cutting Edge HVLP Spray Guns Increase Economic and Environmental Advantages

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Auto body refinishing has leapt forward since HVLP spray guns were introduced to the automotive paint industry.  Auto body refinishing shop technicians are replacing traditional spray guns with HVLP spray guns after experiencing HVLP spray guns’ ability to use paint more efficiently and complete the auto body paint job faster.  While auto body shops love HVLP spray guns’ cost-effectiveness, HVLP spray guns’ ability to emit less pollution than traditional spray guns is turning naysayers into believers.

HVLP spray guns, or “high volume, low pressure” spray guns, regulate the air pressure passing through the gun offering many benefits over traditional spray guns.  HVLP spray guns can achieve a paint transfer efficiency of over 60% compared to traditional spray guns, resulting in improved automotive paint spray efficiency and safer worker conditions.  

HVLP spray guns offer much greater airflow control over traditional spray guns resulting in economic and environmental advantages.  HVLP spray guns limit automotive paint overspray and automotive paint blowback.  With little control over airflow, the air passing through traditional spray guns picked up excessive amounts of auto body paint.  The lack of air flow control often resulted in an entire automotive paint job having to be stripped and redone due to clumping and running.  When properly calibrated, HVLP spray guns produce an airflow consistency reducing overspray.

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Traditional spray guns’ inability to regulate airflow causes auto body paint to erupt from the nozzle at high speed.  The automotive paint often bounces off the surface being painted causing uneven coverage and splattering.  HVLP spray guns’ ability to regulate airflow allows paint to exit the nozzle with increased consistency and manageability.  As HVLP spray guns reduce automotive paint overspray and blowback, the user experiences savings on paint and a safer work environment.

Increased control over the amount of auto body paint being sprayed allows HVLP spray gun users to apply the minimum amount of paint necessary.  Thin coats reduce drying time when multiple automotive paint coats are needed.  As HVLP spray guns contain turbines heating the air passing through, the warmed paint dries faster.  Faster dry time means less waiting between coats, reducing labor hours.

In addition to heating the airflow for faster dry times, the turbine in HVLP spray guns filters the airflow.  Traditional spray guns run on compressors offering no air filtration.  Dust and dirt runs through the compressors’ intakes into the spray gun and onto the painting surface.  Compressor lubrication often finds its way into traditional spray guns, ruining the auto body paint job. 

HVLP spray guns are the cutting edge in automotive paint technology offering improved auto body paint efficiency and reduced emissions.  You’ll find quality HVLP spray guns at Auto Paint and Supply from leading auto spray paint equipment manufacturers like Binks, Sata, Sharpe, and Anest Iwata.  Contact an Auto Paint and Supply near you –Middleton, Racine, Walworth, Waukesha- for professional automotive paint and auto body refinishing supplies .

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