Best Auto Body Paint and Supplies for Body Shops in Wisconsin and Illinois

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When you own a body shop in Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, you need a dependable auto body paint and supplies distributor with quality products you can trust. Auto Paint and Supply has four shops located in Waukesha, Walworth, Middleton, and Racine all providing the best products available in the industry with exceptional customer service. When you need automotive refinishing products, detailing products, fillers, adhesives, paint spray equipment, paint spray boot equipment or other automotive supplies, our automotive paint and supply shop will have all the products you need in stock, with experts on hand able to answer any questions.

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Auto Paint and Supply provides products from the best paint and supply manufactures in the industry, including DuPont, Spies Hecker, BASF, PPG, 3M, and more. When ordering from our Auto Paint and Supply stores, you can be sure you will receive the best products at unbelievable prices. We keep careful track of the products we have on hand, ensuring your order will be filled right away with all the products you requested.

Automotive Refinishing Products Offering Exceptional Results

Auto Paint and Supply carries refinishing products including undercoats, topcoats, clear coats, two and three stage base coat automotive colors, pretreatments, precoats, primers, direct-to-metal coatings, water form refinishing products, and more. We provide this outstanding selection of brands and automotive refinishing products so our clients can experience simple application and optimal coverage with each of their refinishing projects. You will see improved results with superior gloss retention, durability, and fast drying times when using our auto body paint and supplies.

Quality Detailing Products, Automotive Body Fillers, Repair Adhesives, and Abrasives

Quality automotive Detailing Products Auto Paint & Supply Waukesha, Walworth, Racine, and Middleton Like our refinishing products, all of our auto detailing products , abrasives, repair adhesives and automotive body fillers are from top name brands ensuring all of your automotive paint and supply needs are met. Whether you need buffing pads, auto polishes, spray detailer, car polishes, wash, wax, leather care, auto carpet cleaners, or more for your detailing projects, Auto Paint and Supply will have it all. With superior sanding and grinding gear, buffing and polishing tools, and spray paint equipment, your automotive shop will impress clients with high efficiency equipment and outstanding results. We even offer buffing compounds which are water based and contain no waxes, silicone or fillers to hide scratches, so your auto buffing stays true.

Auto Paint and Supply provides exceptional fillers for lightweight and heavyweight applications, quality automotive repair adhesives from flexible adhesives to semi-rigid adhesives for long-lasting results, and abrasive products like sanding discs and sheets, grinding, bristle, conditioning discs, and more. With all of the high quality products offered by our shops, you will see improved performance and excellent results on each of your automotive jobs.

Spray Paint Equipment

automotive paint spray equipment for Wisconsin and Illinois bodyshopsAutomotive spray paint equipment from Auto Paint and Supply will make finishing your automotive jobs more efficient. We offer automotive and manual spray guns, pressure tanks, airless spray guns, gravity feed air spray guns, pressure feed spray guns, touch up guns, and spray gun accessories like air and fluid hoses, and paint cups. We offer spray booth equipment from the top manufacturing brands, keeping dirt and contaminants away from your paint projects, but also keeping paint, grinding sparks, chemicals and more contained in one area. You will have all of your automotive paint and supply needs met when utilizing services from any of our Auto Paint and Supply shops. From refinishing products and abrasives to spray paint booths, our company has over 70 years of experience providing superior products and services to automotive shops in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. 

Contact the auto body paint and supply experts at Auto Paint & Supply for all your automotive refinishing supplies and equipment needs available online or at our Waukesha, Walworth, Racine and Middleton locations.

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