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Auto Body Paint & Supply Now Offers Flexible Stands

Over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of paint stands—from duct-taped, jerry-rigged backyard contraptions to specialty stands designed for pro painters. By far, paint stands from Flexible beat anything we’ve come across in the past.

The Easyflex and Multiflex stands from Flexible are the only universal panel stands available in the United States capable of holding any panel. Yes, any panel: bumpers, hoods, doors—these stands hold them all. Better yet, their ingenious design lets you rotate the panels nearly 360-degrees without having to fiddle around with pin locks. Instead, a simple one-handed turning and locking mechanism lets you quickly and easily readjust the position of the panel you’re working on.

Automotive Paint Spary Equipment including Flexible Original Panel Paint Stands

Exceptional Design and Build Quality

We’re also impressed with the build quality of these stands. Flexible uses electro galvanized, nickel plated precision steel. This is a very high-quality steel and the nickel plating not only helps protect against corrosion, stress and scratches but also helps minimize the buildup of paint on the stands. Removing the inevitable overspray requires only basic paint removers, so maintaining a Flexible stand is considerably easier than the typical powder-coated stands. Flexible actually claims their stands can go 5, 10 or even 15 years before needing to be reconditioned. We haven’t been offering them that long yet, so we can’t vouch for this. However, this doesn’t seem at all farfetched based on what we’ve seen so far.

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In addition to the Easyflex and Multiflex stands, Flexible offers several small parts handling solutions to go with their stands. Their small parts tree, for instance, is an incredibly smart and simple solution to the challenge of painting small parts and only takes up one square feet of space. Speaking of space, we really like how Flexible stands fold flat for storage. How does a 6” x 3’ x 3’ size sound to you? Would that free up some valuable space at your paint shop?

Get More Than What You Pay For

Considering how versatile and well-made these stands are, how much time they can save you on employee labor and how they’re likely to last at least 2 or 3 times longer than competing stands, we think Flexible stands are the best choice out there. Stop by one of our Wisconsin auto paint supply store locations for a closer look at our Flexible paint stands.

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Contact our Wisconsin automotive refinishing supply experts now to learn more about Flexible paint stands or to request a price quote.

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