Spies Hecker Celebrates 20 Years of Waterborne Auto Paint

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Permahyd Basecoat 280/285 Marks Two Decades of Waterborne Paint Technology

Spies Heckes celebrates two decades of waterborne car paint

You may have noticed a change in your Permahyd Basecoat cans this year. German auto paint giant Spies Hecker is celebrating the twenty-year anniversary of their original waterborne automotive paint. Launched in 1994, Permahyd was one of the first complete, fully VOC-compliant paint systems on the market.

20 years later, the original Permahyd Basecoat 280/285, along with the Permahyd Hi-TEC Basecoat 480, remain the most popular and widely-used paints in the Spies Hecker catalog.

“In 1994, [Permahyd’s] efficient application and good performance were ahead of its time,” says Spies Hecker Brand Manager Joachim Hinz. He says the Permahyd Basecoats were considered “a revolution for the refinish market.”

To commemorate two decades of this landmark achievement in auto paint technology, Spies Hecker has rolled out a special 20th Anniversary logo for their Permahyd products, along with a new pale blue color scheme on the paint can labels. Nothing’s changed with the product inside, it’s still the same time-tested, VOC-compliant auto paint for which Spies Hecker is famous.

Accurate Auto Paint Matching and Application

Today, Permahyd Basecoats are available in more than 53,000 color formulas, meaning there is a match available for virtually all OEM and custom paint finishes. Spies Hecker unveiled their new Phoenix online color matching software at the Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt this past September. Phoenix works in conjunction with other color matching tools to ensure the best possible color match for auto paint refinishers.

Permahyd remains one of the most efficient waterborne paints for automotive painters. Permahyd Basecoat 280/285 can be applied wet-on-wet in only 1.5 spray passes. Energy and time efficiency are the hallmark of this environmentally- and budget-friendly auto paint system.

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Auto refinishers have found the best depth and gloss levels are achieved when Permahyd Basecoat 280/285 is combined with any of Spies Hecker’s Permasolid HS clearcoats.

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