PPG & Axalta Push Auto Paint Technology Worldwide

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Industry Giants Highlight Environmentally-Friendly Trends

Two of the leading figures in the refinishing industry are sounding the bell for environmentally-friendly auto paint technology.

In early December, Axalta (formerly DuPont paints) hosted a Tech Talk workshop at East China University of Science & Technology in Shanghai. Among the topics discussed were the global trends toward creating new, environmentally responsible car and industrial paints.

“The global coatings industry is becoming more environmentally responsible and we can see a transition taking place towards favoring sustainable solutions fueled by government regulations and customer demand,” says Dr. Pano Kordomenos, Axalta’s Chief Technology Officer and head of global R&D.

“The future of the coatings industry rests with scientists and engineers.”

The Shanghai Tech Talk was the first in what will become a series of collaborations between industry leaders and academic institutions around the world, focused on innovating future high-performance coatings with minimal environmental impact.

Waterborne Paints Becoming North American Standard 

Meanwhile stateside, PPG announced at the beginning of October they have now converted more than 10,000 body and paint shops in the United States and Canada to waterborne coatings.

Surprisingly, more than half of those conversion have been in National Rule markets where low-VOC compliance is not mandatory. More body shop owners are voluntarily making the switch to waterborne paints because of the other advantages they provide.

“Waterborne is not just a compliance solution anymore,” says PPG spokesperson Tim Jones.

“Customers… see the value in superior color matching, excellent throughput and performance… and other key qualities that our waterborne products provide.”

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Auto Paint & Supply is among the national network of distributors helping body shops make the switch to waterborne paints through PPG’s Convert with Confidence® program. Body shop owners who haven’t yet converted can contact the waterborne paint experts at Auto Paint & Supply to learn how conversion will save your shop time, materials and money.

PPG brought their first waterborne paints to the OEM market in 1986 and introduced the world’s first commercial waterborne auto paint for the refinish market in 1992.

Waterborne Auto Paint Brands Online

Turn to Auto Paint & Supply when you want to order waterborne paints online. We carry PPG’s third-generation waterborne paint lines, Envirobase High Performance and Aquabase Plus.

Spies Hecker is a division of Axalta, formerly known as DuPont Performance Coatings. Spies Hecker recently commemorated the 20th Anniversary of Permahyde Basecoat, which is among our most popular brands of waterborne auto paint.

Talk to our auto paint specialists at one of our four Wisconsin locations, or keep an eye out for waterborne paint training seminars on our events calendar for more information about how Auto Paint & Supply can help you keep up with refinishing technology.

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the trends or keep up with your competition, the auto paint experts at Auto Paint & Supply can help.

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