Increased demand for PPG Automotive Coatings

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PPG Coatings reports big first quarter gains, citing increased demand for Auto Paint

America’s largest paint producer, PPG Coatings, is reporting significant growth for the first quarter of 2012.  PPG Chairman and CEO Charles E. Bunch stated “In the quarter, we benefited from strengthening demand in the United States in most end-use markets,” while mentioning strong growth in U.S. coatings sales.  Established in 1883, the Pittsburgh-based paint juggernaut now operates in over 60 countries and 140 locations worldwide.

PPG attributes this consumer confidence to a relentless focus on product development and innovations, driven by multiple factors.  The first factor is the desire to reduce Volatile Organic Compound emission for both health and environmental concerns.  The second factor is the desire to lower coating costs for painters, either directly or by reducing necessary coats, labor time, and coating time.  The third factor is the desire to improve performance by enhancing desired appearance qualities and increasing durability and toughness, such as resistance to fading, peeling and cracking via weather, chemicals, and age.  These factors encapsulate the needs of a constantly evolving industry.  PPG has a proven track record of exceeding these needs.

DELTRON DC 2000 Ultra Velocity Clear Coat from PPG Coatings

These factors inspired the development of the new DELTRON DC2000 Ultra Velocity Clear coating with super fast air dry capability available at all Auto Paint and Supply locations.  DC2000 is an excellent choice for high volume auto body repair shops looking to increase throughput and lower volume shops without baking capabilities.  DC2000 requires no flash time between coats, while the super-fast air dry capability allows for “wet on wet” clear coats with extraordinary repair cycle times, overcoming the baking booth and saving you money on labor and energy costs.

For DELTRON DC2000 and other quality auto paint supply products, contact Automotive Paint and Supply.  Quality products applied by trained professionals will look just as good as OEM paint jobs.  Whether you’re a novice looking to obtain professional training, an auto body shop looking teach your employees how to do the job right, or just looking to enhance your skills, you will benefit from automotive training classes with the Auto Paint and Supply group.  Check out our calendar today!

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