Automotive Paint Training by Spies Hecker for Level 2 Tech Certification

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Level 2 Tech Certified Shops Offer the Best Automotive Refinishing Services

Automotive refinishing training in Wisconsin and Northern IllinoisAuto Paint & Supply wants you to know Spies Hecker will be offering Level 2 Tech Certification training in Itasca, IL May 6-8, 2014. Attendees of this training course will learn the correct use of base and clear coats, how paint gun and booth set-up can affect paint performance, and will be introduced to Spies Hecker’s waterborne automotive paint technology. Make sure you and your body shop employees are using the best blending and car painting techniques by receiving Level 2 Tech Certifications. Great auto paint needs to be applied correctly for maximum impact and customer satisfaction.

Certified Painters Deliver the Best Service

Auto painting professionals who give their clients the best service possible, know how to use the materials the way the manufacturer intends. Offering the best automotive repair demands having expert auto painting employees on staff. If your body shop is ready to take its automotive painting to the next level, do not miss this opportunity. Find Spies Hecker automotive refinishing products at Auto Paint & Supply and become certified in its use at the L2 Tech Certification session.

Lower Costs and Increase Profit with L2 Certification

A Spies Hecker L2 Tech Certified employee ensures faster painting speeds with better results, lowering your body shop’s labor and material costs. Learn how to spend less time painting and lower your material outlay at this training certification. Attending this training will give your shop the ability to accept more customers and earn more referrals. Beat your shop’s competition by offering better service, at a better price, while increasing your profit.

Sign up for the Level 2 Tech Certification program today. Putting off L2 Certification is putting off your body shop’s automotive painting success. Auto Paint & Supply is committed to providing continuous support and education on automotive refinishing products and auto refinishing training solutions. Check our calendar of events for upcoming auto paint training events in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Contact our automotive paint supply experts to learn more about this great opportunity of becoming Spies Hecker L2 Tech Certified.

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