Automotive Paint Training for New Spies Hecker Waterborne Basecoat

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Upcoming Spies Hecker L2 Hi-Tec Technician Certification

Spies Hecker will be providing a level 2 technician certification for their new waterborne technology basecoat, Permahyd Hi-TEC. The Spies Hecker certification, taking place from Tuesday October 30th until Friday November 2nd, will train and certify auto painting professionals on strategies and benefits for using their breakthrough Permahyd Hi-TEC waterborne base coat. Your automotive painting body shop employees can take advantage of this opportunity for Spies Hecker Hi-TEC technician certification at the DPC training center in Itasca, Illinois.

What is Permahyd Hi-TEC Waterborne Basecoat?

The Permahyd Hi-TEC waterborne basecoat is a groundbreaking paint technology keeping booth time to a minimum and resulting in lower material consumption. The resin technology in Permahyd Hi-TEC offers quick water release, allowing the paint to harden to the touch in minutes. This new technology is revolutionary in the auto painting industry and attending this certification workshop will be highly beneficial for your body shop, whether you are thinking about changing over entirely or just looking to prepare your employees through education.

Once Spies Hecker L2 Hi-TEC certified, you will be one step closer to reducing time and materials costs for your auto paint body shop. Use this new education along with the required auto painting supplies from Auto Paint & Supply and your body shop will be experiencing the time and material saving benefits of Permahyd Hi-TEC in no time.

More Wisconsin Automotive Refinishing Training

With numerous training events scheduled, Auto Paint & Supply is your supreme resource for innovative and advantageous automotive paint training. Check out our Auto Paint & Supply training calendar for more information on Wisconsin auto paint spray equipment clinics to keep your body shop on the cutting edge of painting technology.

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