Spies Hecker's X-Pert Paint Mixing System Saves Time and Money

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Auto body refinishing pros and automotive paint experts have spent years searching for ways to mix and match auto body paint formulas more accurately.  Knowing inaccurately mixed auto body paint is an expensive, time-consuming problem, Spies Hecker introduced the X-Pert Paint Mixing System; the auto body refinishing industry’s first computerized automotive paint pouring system. The X-Pert Paint Mixing System mixes and matches auto body paint colors accurately, every time, resulting in significant savings for auto body shop owners and automotive paint technicians. 

Recent field research reveals 64% of all manually poured automotive paint has matching errors.  9% of the matching errors are off by over 20%, resulting in the need to mix new auto body paint.  DuPont laboratories conducted extensive testing on Spies Hecker’s X-Pert Paint Mixing System to observe if the auto body paint mismatching problem could be corrected.

"The X-Pert System is accurate every time," says Fred Wissemann, collision segment manager for DuPont Performance Coatings. "That means it eliminates costly pours, saves time and money and creates accurate mixes and matches the first time.  It’s also simple and easy to use."  Wissemann says if the X-Pert Paint Mixing System eliminates one or more auto body paint mismatches per week, an auto body refinishing shop could save $75 a week, $3900 a year.

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The X-Pert Paint Matching System accurately dispenses automotive paint formulas.  The X-Pert Paint Matching System connects to the computer and is compatible with the DuPont, Spies Hecker, Standox, and Nason color retrieval systems. A user-friendly interface allows you to select the color formula and the amount needed. The result is an accurate automotive paint pour significantly increasing color matching accuracy, saving your auto body refinishing shop time and money.

The X-Pert Paint Matching System is easy to use and produces less waste than pouring automotive paint manually.  The X-Pert Paint Matching System is easy to learn, allowing one auto body refinishing employee to mix the automotive paint while another one does the painting.  Specially designed lids allow precise auto body paint pouring, eliminating costly over pours and waste.  Auto body refinishing shops using the X-Pert Paint Matching System conserve more material and contribute less pollution to the environment. 

The X-Pert Paint Matching System is proving to be an efficient, cost-effective method of automotive paint mixing and matching in auto body refinishing shops nationwide. The X-Pert Paint Matching System is compatible with many of the name brand color retrieval systems and auto body paint Auto Paint and Supply carries, including DuPont and Spies Hecker. Contact an Auto Paint and Supply near you – Middleton, Racine, Walworth, Waukesha- for quality automotive paint supplies.

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