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Waukesha Auto Supply Shop Delivers Curtain Walls

Goff's Body Shop Curtain WallsGoff's Enterprises’ Curtain Walls from Auto Paint & Supply are the auto body shop equipment necessary to create a secure and safe environment for body work and vehicle spray painting. Curtain walls from the auto body painting supply store delivers superior advantages. There are an abundance of benefits utilizing curtain walls over brick and mortar walls. The strength and durability provide a controlled environment from flying objects, chemicals, dust and grinding sparks. Goff's Enterprises backs sales with a five year warranty on materials and workmanship and a lifetime warranty on mounting hardware and tracks ensuring a long lasting life for your curtain walls.

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Goff's Body Shop curtain wallsAuto Paint & Supply provides curtain walls for prep stations, wash detail bays, metal shops, welding areas and other work environments that produce dangerous settings. The curtain walls are waterproof, mildew resistant, resistant to most chemicals and able to withstand a constant temperature of up to 180 degrees. The curtain walls are easy to install and dismantle ensuring the spray paint both equipment can easily be disassembled to save space and reassembled to create separate work spaces. The convenience of buying, owning and operating the curtain walls make them an invaluable addition to any auto body shop. 



Contact the spray paint booth equipment experts at Auto Paint & Supply for more information or to order Goff's Curtain Walls for your auto body shop today.


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