Waterborne Paint: Making the Switch

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Transitioning to waterborne automotive paint provides an effective solution for lowering VOC emissions, thus improving the air quality in body shops and the environment in general. This transition can be seamless and productive when the right choices are made concerning technology, equipment, and preparation.

The foremost concern automotive refinishing specialists worry about when considering the switch to waterborne automotive paint is retraining. Waterborne auto paints don’t behave like solventborne auto paints. Water borne auto paints must be sprayed differently. The good news is many of the biggest names in automotive paint like DuPont and PPG are lining up to provide teaching, support, and service so your automotive refinishing staff can effectively use waterborne car paint. Check out the Auto Paint & Supply calendar for auto refinishing classes in Waukesha Wisconsin on DuPont Chromax Pro training, PPG Conversions and more.

Auto Paint & Supply offers not only the training, but tools and supplies to get you up to speed on a shift to a waterborne system in your Milwaukee auto body shop. The investment is small. Waterborne automotive paint conversions require only new rust-proof spray guns and perhaps more blowers and fans to improve dry times. Auto Paint & Supply offers the top brands in body shop painting supplies and enhanced airflow solutions.

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The benefits of waterborne paints are many. Auto Paint & Supply teams up with the biggest names in automotive paint supply to get the latest refinishing technologies into your body shop. Counting the mist coat as half-a-coat, New Chromax Pro achieves 4-6 coats worth of solvent-based auto paint coverage in as little as 1.5 coats. Chromax’s excellent coverage saves you money by allowing you to get to the clear coat with more speed and less material. Fewer supplies and faster turnovers mean more revenue for your Milwaukee car paint shop.

Note that blending a waterborne automotive paint is different than blending your old solvent based auto paint. Don’t try using your old variant system, as the solvent chip decks won’t offer the accuracy of the new waterborne chips. Auto Paint & Supply’s waterborne paints match the look of OEM factory paint, especially as OEM car paint becomes increasing water-based itself. Trust the accuracy of waterborne chip sets. A mere eyeballing can deceive a painter as waterborne colors look different while still wet. Auto Paint & Supply’s waterborne automotive paints are easy to blend and long lasting because wet particles don’t settle to the bottom of the can.

Lastly, waterborne car paint offers cheaper, greener waste disposal. There's no question waterborne automotive paint can help the environment with lower solvent levels. With less VOC’s, waterborne paint protects your employees and your planet. While waterborne automotive paint is better for your health, don’t throw your masks and always take proper safety precautions when painting. Before waterborne, your automotive refinishing byproducts used to be more flammable, dangerous, and expensive to store. Your current solventborne waste hauler can be contacted to help set up your new waterborne waste stream.

Check our calendar and enroll with Auto Paint & Supply for DuPont Cromax Pro refinisher training. DuPont has helped over 20,000 shops and thousands of auto paint professionals upgrade to waterborne basecoats. The courses have been specially designed for collision centers who desire a waterborne basecoat with premium quality, productivity, and appearance. The 3-day DuPont Cromax Pro course combines classroom and hands-on instruction on the following topics: the federal government’s low VOC legislation, shop conditions, surface preparation, application, and the DuPont Cromax Pro electronic color tools and color retrieval process. Students will train extensively with the DuPont Cromax Pro products available for sale at Auto Paint & Supply.

Legislation has recently passed in Europe, Canada, and California providing for more stringent VOC regulation. Similar crackdowns could sweep the Midwest in the near future. Don’t wait for an EPA mandate to improve your air quality with better body shop painting supplies. Contact Auto Paint & Supply today with any questions on waterborne equipment or training.

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