Waukesha Collision Repair and Automotive Painting Seminars in January

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Auto Paint & Supply is your source for Waukesha auto body training courses.  Our automotive painting specialists are hosting two auto paint seminars in January at the Waukesha auto body training center.  The Overview of Cycle Time Improvements for the Collision Repair Process and Color Theory, Application, Tinting and Blending auto body training classes are scheduled for January 8th and will be instructed by the distinguished I-CAR organization.  I-CAR is an extremely well known automotive body training organization and provides superior collision repair training classes for auto body repair technicians.

I-Car Cycle Time Improvements for Collision Repair Training Courses in Waukesha

The I-CAR CYC01 Overview of Cycle Time Improvements for the Collision Repair Process training course takes place from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Tuesday, January 8th.  This auto body collision repair training course meets annual training requirements for many automotive repair professionals including estimators, refinishers, damage appraisers, and steel or aluminum structural technicians.  Improving cycle times in your automotive body repair shop means increased efficiency and decreased overhead.  Increasing efficiency is crucial for your auto body shop’s success and is a collaborative effort involving your entire crew.  This highly beneficial auto body training course will provide your employees with a comprehensive understanding of their impact on cycle times, how to identify common areas of efficiency improvement opportunities and methods for reducing collision repair cycle time.

 Waukesha I-CAR Auto Painting Training Course on Color Theory, Application, Tinting and Blending

I-CAR Auto Painting Training Course WaukeshaThe I-CAR automotive body painting training course on Color Theory, Application, Tinting and Blending is scheduled for Tuesday, January 8th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  Estimators, refinishing technicians and auto body damage appraisers can fulfill training requirements by attending this automotive painting training class.  The automotive painting industry is ever evolving. Staying current with the latest advancements in refinishing technologies is crucial for keeping your automotive body paint shop an industry leader.  This automotive painting training course will educate your employees on advances in refinishing technologies and their effects on finish application, color matching, blending techniques and environmental impact.  The expanded knowledge your automotive painting professionals will receive from this training course will give your auto paint shop a well informed edge on the competition.

Wisconsin Auto Body Repair Training Classes

Auto Paint and Supply is the best resource for auto repair training courses at the Waukesha automotive painting training center as well as other training centers throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.  Our auto painting training schedule contains valuable information on all Illinois and Wisconsin automotive repair courses.  Be sure to check often for newly announced training events.

For more information on automotive repair classes and painting seminars , contact the Waukesha auto body paint experts at Auto Paint and Supply.

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