Waterborne Paint Conversion in Wisconsin

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Waukesha Auto Paint Supply Shop Provides Waterborne Training

Waukesha waterborne automotive paint trainingWaterborne auto paint is a large technological advancement for automotive painting and refinishing shops. Making the conversion to waterborne automotive refinishing paint increases productivity and profitability for your collision repair shop. The transition will require updated equipment as well as training required to educate your crew on properly utilizing new technology. Auto Paint & Supply in Waukesha is your number one resource for making the changeover to this groundbreaking waterborne paint technology. Our automotive refinishing supply store has the tools and equipment necessary for your collision repair shop’s waterborne conversion. Our commitment to excellent products goes beyond providing top quality automotive paints and paint supplies. Auto Paint & Supply offers highly beneficial painting training seminars in a number of facilities throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.

Benefits of Waterborne Paint Technology

Waterborne paint is substantially beneficial for both the environment and automotive painting shops. Water-based finishes are much less toxic than solvent based paints and are a big move in the effort to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions. Waterborne paints achieve the same coverage using less material and requiring fewer coats than the older technology. By reducing the amount of material used, you’ll increase your paint shop’s bottom line. Your automotive refinishing technicians will spend less time in the paint booth as waterborne paints require less coats and a much shorter time span between coat applications, increasing productivity and turnover rates. With the proper training and equipment, your car refinishing shop will be painting more cars with less paint and substantially increasing your bottom line by converting to waterborne technology.

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Water-based Paint Training Courses in Wisconsin

Auto Paint & Supply is your number one resource for waterborne automotive painting training courses in Wisconsin and Illinois. Our Waukesha automotive paint supply shop hosts numerous automotive painting training seminars in facilities. These educational courses are lead by some of the biggest names in automotive painting, such as Spies-Hecker, DuPont and PPG. Check out our automotive painting training seminar calendar to find a waterborne conversion course near you!

Required Equipment for Waterborne Conversion in Waukesha

Our Waukesha auto painting supply company offers the tools and equipment necessary for your shop to make the waterborne conversion. Auto Paint & Supply Waukesha carries the highest quality waterborne paints as well as the proper spray guns, blowers, fans and other auto spray paint equipment necessary for the transition. Check out our expansive selection of the top names in auto painting shop supplies for our full inventory.

Contact the Wisconsin waterborne paint conversion resource, Auto Paint & Supply, for more information on training and equipment needed to make the transition into water-based paint technology.

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