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Auto Paint Colors for Kenosha Residents in Need

Imagine a man about to take a drive through Kenosha on a warm, Saturday afternoon. Out of nowhere another car backs up into the back left side of his car. The man assesses the damage. A fender bender but not horrible. The man fixes the damage to his car and next up is the paint job. There are several options he could choose from in the area. He needs a place with excellent service offering quality products at low prices. There’s only one real choice.

He goes to Auto Paint & Supply.

Auto Paint & Supply is Southeast Wisconsin’s best choice for automotive paint. We carry automotive finishing products from leading suppliers such as Axalta, PPG, Spies Hecker and BASF. Offering only the best products from the greatest suppliers ensures our customers receive MAXIMUM satisfaction.

Auto Paint Supplier Locations

We have four locations spread across Southeast Wisconsin. Our shop provides the best Auto Paint Madison has in its area. We’re located specifically in Middleton. Our other 3 stores are located in the greater Southeast Wisconsin area- one in Racine, Walworth and Waukesha. We have a training facility located at our Waukesha location as well.

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Waukesha’s Best Auto Paint Prices

This training site is for the benefit of auto painters and finishers to improve their skills. With this training program, Auto Paint & Supply is able to improve our industry as a whole. Like-minded professionals from all over come to us to learn about our winning techniques and customer service. Having the lowest, most affordable prices for the quality of products and services we offer doesn’t hurt either.

So what about the man with the fender bender? Since he lived in Kenosha, the Auto Paint & Supply in Racine wasn’t far away. He drove his damaged car over to our shop. After he explained his situation, our friendly staff gave his car the touch ups and paint job it needed.

Now, on this sunny Saturday afternoon, he’s taking a pleasurable drive by the lakefront of Kenosha. All eyes are on him as drives by with his newly finished silver and blue striped Ford Mustang. Get your detailing, finishing, products or training with Southeast Wisconsin’s best (and friendliest) automotive paint shop.


Contact the auto paint Milwaukee experts at Auto Paint & Supply shop nearest you and start adding value to your vehicle’s look today.

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